2018 Math & Stats Calendar


Prices in CAD.

Celebrate every month of the year with a different mathematical formula or concept or graph!  Makes an awesome Christmas, Birthday, Graduation or Thank You gift for the nerd in your life - maybe a student or math teacher.  Or keep it for yourself and decorate your office or favourite space. 

Month Math Design Caption Colour
Jan prime number hopscotch this is the prime of your life orange
Feb sine wave graph what's your sine light blue
Mar pi irrational but well rounded grey
Apr normal distribution graph just a normal month light green
May chaos theory equation chaos theory speckled white
Jun Pascal's triangle numbers Pascal's triangle teal blue
Jul secant graph you're secant to none light purple
Aug ANOVA graph ANOVA month kraft brown
Sep cosine wave graph just cos peach
Oct right angle triangle always right lime green
Nov infinity on and on and on and on and on cream
Dec Fibonacci sequence spiral golden holiday wishes golden yellow

This calendar is handmade with the design and text/numbers originally inked by hand using a black pen, then digitized and printed on brightly coloured card stock. Works as either a desk calendar or a wall calendar. Each month is on a separate page and the 12 sheets are bundled together with a mini binder clip, which can also be used to hang the calendar on the wall. 

Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Quantity: 1 twelve-page calendar

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