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Gift Guide: For the Nerdy Home

November 19, 2021

With so many fun goods from The Chemist Tree Shop, you can certainly make a nerdy home. Here is a gift guide of the best of the best in science + math home decor. Molecule Spice Labels Spice up your kitchen with this set of 36 waterproof Herb + Spice Jar Labels   Math Coaster Set Drink and learn with these Math Coasters featuring famous mathematicians and their discoveries.   Tea Towel It makes so much sense for a Tea Towel to be covered with tea molecules.   Pi Cushion Cover It's a πllow... see what I did there?   Chemistry Lab Ornaments 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments - also works as an advent calendar! Looking for more fun gifts? Feel free to browse the...

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Gift Guide: For Biologists + Life Scientists

November 05, 2021

Over the last couple of years, I have really expanded my collection of Biology designs on cards + goods and may I present a fun gift guide for all the biologists, biochemists, psychologists and other natural + life scientists in your lives. Geneticists & Biochemists DNA Coasters Molecular Biology Lab Tubes Ornaments CRISPR Christmas Card Unwinding for the Holidays Card   Psychologists, Psychiatrists & Neurologists Brain Coasters   Microbiologists & Mycologists Microbiology Coasters Not So Fungi Framed Art Botanists & Plant Scientists Medicinal Botany Poster Entomologists & Insect Lovers Honey Bee Framed Art For more fun nerdy gifts, feel free to browse the rest of The Chemist Tree Shop.

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Happy Halloween!

October 29, 2021

Halloween Day is on 31st October every year! 

I never celebrated Halloween when I was young because I lived in Asia. However, it's a very popular day that's celebrated in North America and Europe. What does chemistry have to do with Halloween? Read on to learn more and see some cool pumpkins.