November 19, 2021


Gift Guide: For the Nerdy Home

With so many fun goods from The Chemist Tree Shop, you can certainly make a nerdy home. Here is a gift guide of the best of the best in science + math home decor.

Molecule Spice Labels

Spice up your kitchen with this set of 36 waterproof Herb + Spice Jar Labels


Math Coaster Set

Drink and learn with these Math Coasters featuring famous mathematicians and their discoveries.


Tea Towel

It makes so much sense for a Tea Towel to be covered with tea molecules.


Pi Cushion Cover

It's a πllow... see what I did there?


Chemistry Lab Ornaments

12 Days of Christmas Ornaments - also works as an advent calendar!

Looking for more fun gifts? Feel free to browse the entire Chemist Tree Collection.

Gift Guide: For Biologists + Life Scientists

Over the last couple of years, I have really expanded my collection of Biology designs on cards + goods and may I present a fun gift guide for all the biologists, biochemists, psychologists and other natural + life scientists in your lives.

Geneticists & Biochemists


Psychologists, Psychiatrists & Neurologists


Microbiologists & Mycologists

Botanists & Plant Scientists

Medicinal Botany Science Poster

Entomologists & Insect Lovers

For more fun nerdy gifts, feel free to browse the rest of The Chemist Tree Shop.

October 29, 2021


Happy Halloween!

Halloween Day is on 31st October every year! 

I never celebrated Halloween when I was young because I lived in Asia. However, it's a very popular day that's celebrated in North America and Europe. What does chemistry have to do with Halloween? Read on to learn more and see some cool pumpkins.

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October 22, 2021


Chemical Reactions: Chemical Chameleon

The Chemical Chameleon reaction is a very colourful chemical reaction! It is named as such because it changes colour just like a chameleon. Do you want to know more about it? Read on.

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Some Mushrooms are Not So Fun-gi

Mushroom day is on 15 October 2021.

There are over 10 000 varieties of mushrooms on Earth. Many are edible and part of our diets, but some mushrooms are scary and not so fun-gi. Do you want to know which ones they are? 

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Marvellous Mailboxes & Phenomenal Post Offices

World Post Day is on the 9th of October every year!

In celebration of snail mail correspondence and in gratitude to hardworking postal workers everywhere, I thought I'd share some photos of marvellous mailboxes and phenomenal post offices I've encountered in my past travels to Europe and Asia. Read on to have a look.

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October 01, 2021


But first, Coffee

Many people start their day with a cup of coffee. A beloved drink around the world so much so that coffee has a dedicated day of its own. International Coffee Day is on 1 Oct 2021. Read on to see a photo of coffee cherries.

And look! The new Cup of Coffee Tea Towel in the shop perfectly celebrates this occasion.

Coffee Tea Towel
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September 24, 2021


Chemical Reactions: Pharaoh's Serpent

We're in the middle of Science Week from 20 to 26th September 2021 and I thought I'd write about one of the craziest and creepiest chemical reactions ever.

It's called the Pharaoh's Serpent. Are you curious?

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August 27, 2021


Fly High!

Since we haven't travelled in an airplane since the pandemic began in early 2020, I was reminiscing as I was looking through my photo album and found some cool pictures of planes - from a historical WW2 plane to a modern day air liner as well as some amazing model planes.

Read on to see these photos and learn about the science of flight.

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Hive Five for Bee Day

Honey Bee Day is on 21 August 2021.

Bees are very important insects in our ecosystem but sadly, their populations are in decline. Can we do anything to save the bees?


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