Twistane Enamel Pin

Twistane is a molecule made up of four connected hexagon carbon rings, in a configuration where each resembles a twisted boat. 

The colour palette for this enamel pin was inspired by Warhol, an American artist popular in the 1960s in the genre of pop art. One of his famous works includes a painting of Marilyn Monroe, in the colours pink, red, yellow, and mint. 

The enamel pin measures 7/8 inch by 1 inch and includes a clear rubber back clutch.

This enamel pin really is an intersection of SCIENCE + ART. So fun to wear on your collar, tie, pocket, or hat. Decorate your bag or cork board. Start a collection! 

Size: 7/8 x 1 in
Colour:  Pink, Red, Yellow, Mint
Metal: Black, Clear rubber clutch
Quantity: 1 enamel pin

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