Christmas Poster

Decorate your house to cultivate the festive spirit. Makes a great holiday gift for your favourite nerd!

This red poster shows a collection of chemical structures that represent some of the tastes, aromas, sights, sounds, and emotions of a Christmas celebration.  An information sheet is also included with the chemical names and a brief explanation for each of the items. 

The Christmas experience includes:

    • apple cider
    • egg nog
    • gingerbread
    • sugar cookie
    • holly
    • clementine
    • mistletoe
    • poinsettia
    • party cracker
    • fruitcake
    • christmas tree
    • chestnut
    • joy
    • candy cane

    Each poster is individually made by hand using a pen, following weeks to months of researching scientific papers from concept to completion.

    Title:  Christmas
    Size:  8 x 10 in
    Quantity:  1 poster with info sheet (frame not included)

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