STEM Motivation Stickers

A set of 36 uplifting STEM-themed stickers for teachers, parents, and educators to motivate students. Smart & Brilliant!

Reward, encourage, and inspire students with these science and math stickers. Stick them on assignments, tests, or lab reports. This amazing set of science and math stickers have a glossy finish and are waterproof. An information card is included with brief explanations about the designs.  

List of Designs:

  • keep going 
  • you have immense potential 
  • you’re so rad 
  • super star
  • ideal student 
  • so happy
  • light years ahead 
  • sounds brilliant 
  • reach for the stars 
  • cos you did it 
  • a sine of excellence 
  • you’re secant to none
  • there are no limits to what you can do 
  • right on 
  • keep shining
  • significant effort
  • keep up the momentum
  • well done for real
  • stay gold
  • you’re out of this world
  • you’re a gem
  • you’re dynamite
  • dream big
  • holy mole
  • good job I mean it
  • constant effort pays off
  • hats off to you
  • your effort counts
  • awesome work
  • you have the power
  • I have confidence in your
  • rooting for you
  • when life gives you lemons
  • absolutely valuable effort
  • you beat the odds
  • you can even

Shape: Round Circles
Size: 1.55 inch diameter
Quantity: 36 stickers

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