Chemical Reactions: Chemical Chameleon

The Chemical Chameleon reaction is a very colourful chemical reaction! It is named as such because it changes colour just like a chameleon.

In chemistry, this is an example of a redox reaction, a reduction-oxidation reaction where electrons are transferred from one compound to another. When this happens in the Chemical Chameleon reaction, we visualize it as colour changes.

Reduction is a gain of electrons.
Oxidation is a loss of electrons.

In the presence of an alkaline and a sugar, potassium permanganate undergoes multiple colour changes from purple to green, to blue, then yellow and brown. The potassium permanganate is being reduced and gaining electrons at every step, finally changing into manganese dioxide that is brown.

KMnO4 --> K2MnO4 --> K3MnO4 --> MnO2 
purple           green               blue            brown

You can see what the purple potassium permanganate molecule looks like in the Colour My World Card.

You can also see the Chemical Chameleon Reaction here

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