Happy 牛 Year!

Happy 牛 Year! That reads "Happy Niú Year" because it's the Chinese New Year with the Animal Zodiac of the Ox and Niú is the Mandarin word for Cow or Ox. 12th February 2021 marks the first new moon of the year and that’s why it’s also called the Lunar New Year. This time is also synonymous with the Spring Festival that is celebrated in countries like China, Vietnam, and Korea.

This Chinese New Year Chemistry Card shows the molecular structure of potassium nitrate, the explosive in firecrackers. In the past, firecrackers were lit during Chinese New Year because the loud crackling sounds were believed to scare away evil spirits and ward off bad luck.

Red is a lucky colour and it dominates the Chinese New Year festivities from Hong Baos, the red packets of money that are handed out to children, to red lanterns that decorate the houses and streets, to the costumes clad by Lion dance troops.

This is a major holiday in Asia and usually a time for family reunions and gatherings. However, since the world is still in a pandemic state, I expect such gatherings to be limited or virtual in nature this year. 

And I will reminisce on the times long ago when I could celebrate with family and friends in Singapore.


Do you celebrate the Lunar New Year? What are your favourite festive traditions? Tell me in the comments below. 

May 2021 be an Ox-picious year for you!

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