Hindsight is 2020

Happy New Year! Hindsight is now officially 2020.

It has been one of the most challenging and unforgettable years we've ever faced, and the start of the new year is always a chance to turn the page and fill it with new hopes and dreams.

As we look back and reflect, we had to re-shuffle our daily routines and scramble to quickly adapt to a world turned upside down by a mere virus. The world as we knew it had changed and we had no other choice but to find a new norm. Although it was tremendously difficult, there were many words of encouragement from the maker community as we tried to stay positive and pursue new ways of engaging with customers through online markets to make ends meet. 

2020 was definitely a year of pause, reflections and re-starts! In a unique situation that offered some much-needed time to step back and try out new things, I found myself sewing. At first making mini felt plush toys to keep kids entertained, which transitioned to sewing zipper pouches. Then, with the Christmas holidays around the corner, I was suddenly sewing science lab glassware ornaments.


It started with a Beaker, a beloved icon of science, and then I got carried away and had to make ornaments for (almost) ALL the lab glassware, enough for 12 days of Christmas. I sewed an Erlenmeyer flask, round-bottom flask, funnel, test tube, graduated cylinder, Kjeldahl flask, pear-shaped flask, Buchner flask, Florence flask, a couple of Schlenk flasks and more!

These colourful Science Lab Ornaments can also be used as a Chemistry Advent Calendar because the ornaments have mini pockets that can fit a coin, small piece of chocolate, or a mini candy cane. Isn't that brilliant?

All this has certainly kept my hands busy and my mind immersed in creativity while staying home during the lockdown. I was having SEW MUCH FUN and I really wanted to share my experience with you. And so I put my ideas together and created DIY Sewing Kits with all the instructions and materials (felt, ribbon, needle, thread, string) to make your own Science Lab Ornaments, suitable for kids from 8 to 108 years.

There are two different Science Sewing Projects to choose from:

1. Beaker Ornament Kit - make a Beaker Ornament + Beaker Gift Card Holder

2. Flask Ornament Kit - make an Erlenmeyer Flask + Round-bottom Flask

When it's not Christmas, these fun keepsakes can be used all year round as gift tags or bookmarks. You can also decorate your bags, backpacks, drawer knobs, door knobs, curtain finials, car mirror.

I really hope you enjoy these NEW Science Sewing Kits as a unique way to bring the joy of both science and art into your lives. Sew, go ahead and get creative as you learn a new skill, whether it’s a project for yourself or your kids. It always feels that much more awesome when you make something with your own hands!

What is your favourite lab glassware? Want to share pictures of your creations? Please share your stories and photos by commenting below or tagging @chemisttree on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Stay Safe & Happy Sewing!

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