Marvellous Mailboxes & Phenomenal Post Offices

World Post Day is on the 9th of October every year!

In celebration of snail mail correspondence and in gratitude to hardworking postal workers everywhere, I thought I'd share some photos of marvellous mailboxes and phenomenal post offices I've encountered in my past travels.

Singaporean mailboxes have changed in style over over the years.

A bright red mailbox in Bruges, Belgium.


A Victorian-era mailbox from Windsor, England.

This is what a typical red Canadian Mailbox looks like, except it's actually a miniature souvenir collectible replica that doubles as a coin till.

Toronto's First Post Office, the oldest post office in Canada since 1833, is still in operation today. 


The old post office in Oakville, Canada is a museum you can visit today.


The Central Post Office in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

It's always such a fun surprise to receive snail mail! I love that it can instantly cheer someone up and bring smiles to daily life. So, I encourage you to write some nice words in a card or letter and post it to someone special. If you're looking for the nerdiest of all cards, be sure to check out the selections in The Chemist Tree Shop

I'm curious. What does the mailbox look like where you are? Let me know in the comments below.

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