Pi there!

Every year on March 14 at 1:59pm, number nerds diligently celebrate Pi (π) because 3.14159 resembles that date followed by the time. It is famously known as Pi Day, but you knew that didn't you?

If you look at the first three numbers backwards, 4 1 3 and then consider their mirror images, it spells the word P I E. This explains why people celebrate Pi day by eating pie!

There is something so mesmerizing about a number that never ends. Pi is definitely people's favourite irrational, transcendental, never ending mathematical constant. Pi is used to calculate the circumference (2πr) and area (πr2) of circles. It also makes for a funny Tote Bag.

There are even contests out there to see who can correctly recite the numbers of Pi for as long as possible. The Guinness World Record for this is held by Lu Chao who recited Pi to 67 890 digits in 2005. It took 24 hours and 4 seconds to recite all those numbers without any breaks. I found another report of someone else, Akira Haraguchi, who recited Pi to 111 700 digits in 16.5 hours, though I wonder why this is not a Guinness Record. Regardless, these people are truly remarkable!! 

Have you ever tried to memorize the digits of Pi?

According to Google, 31.4 trillion digits of Pi are known today... Ha! We see the first three numbers of Pi here again, 3 1 4. Is this a coincidence? 

The Pi Poster below shows the digits of Pi up to 937 decimal places, because that's what could fit on an 8 x 10 inch paper.

And a very colourful Hap-Pi Birthday to you if you were born on Pi Day. You share the same birthday as Albert Einstein.

 Do you celebrate Pi Day? Tell me how in the comments below. 

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March 26, 2021

𝝿 + 𝝿 = 𝞃
3.14+3.14 = 6.28

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