The Secret is in the Details

As minimalist as my designs may look at first glance, there is more thought that goes into it than meets the eye. You see, I'm a very detail-oriented person.

The TAA TAA Card is one of my best selling graduation, retirement, farewell cards, showing three structures that are from our DNA code. Just like language, our DNA code contains words called "codons" that are made up of letters called "nucleotides." So what does the DNA code word on this card say? It's called the "stop codon" and it means "the end" or "to stop."

The three chemical letters that spell the word are Thymine, Adenine, Adenine, commonly abbreviated "T, A, A." If you say "TAA" twice it sounds like "TA-TA," an informal English way of saying "Goodbye." See, this makes the perfect graduation or farewell card, right?

But wait, there's more! DNA codons also have nicknames and this "stop codon" is also known as the "ochre codon." Ochre is a mustard yellow colour and hence, the colour choice of this card.

Call me nerdy but I do pay attention to the details and this makes my designs thoughtful and meaningful. 

I hope you liked learning about the secret details you never knew behind the TAA TAA card. If there's anything else you're curious about, please ask in the comments below.

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