Smart Graduation Cards for the Nerds in Your Life

School graduations in North America usually happen around June. If you're looking for a smart graduation card for the scientists, mathematicians, doctors, engineers and other STEMists in your life, then here are my Top 10 Picks.

10. New Beginning for the next chapter of life after graduation.

9. Fly High for the Pilot, Aerospace Engineer or Aviation Nerd.


8. Say Farewell with a Stop Codon (Taa Taa) to celebrate the end of one life chapter.


7. Prime of Life because there's no better time than after graduation to live your best life!


6. Con-grads! To the Mathematician, Physicist or Engineer.

5. Chemists, Astronomers, Astrobiologists, Astrophysicists and any other Space Nerd can Reach for the Stars.

4. No Limits for the Mathematician or any other STEM grad.

3. Shatter the Glass Ceiling for anyone who does so in their achievements.

2. Congratulations Gene-ius for the Geneticist or all-around Genius.

1. Say Congratulations with a Graduated Cylinder because that's just too perfect for any Scientist who's just Graduated!


So many good ones to choose from, right? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

If you still need to find the perfect card, feel free to check out the entire Collection of Graduation & Achievement Cards in The Chemist Tree Shop.

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