The Tale of the Tree

What is this tale of the tree?
The Chemist Tree.
How it was named by me.
How it came to be.

The Chemist Tree was named, in true scientific fashion, upon a “Eureka! moment” (remember Archimedes? Or am I too old?). You can also call it an “A-Ha! moment” 

In the pre-COVID days when I participated in events, I displayed my paper goods on a metal wire rack that resembles a tree. One day, I was staring at my display and suddenly, it was SO obvious – chemistry cards on a tree = a Chemist Tree. It couldn’t be any more perfect. That was the Eureka! moment, the defining moment that named my shop, The Chemist Tree. 

You can see this legendary tree in the photo below. This is my exhibition booth at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto, Ontario and the actual Chemist Tree is in the front right corner.

The name Chemist Tree itself is a pun for "chemistry," the inspiration for how my shop started with molecule designs and because most of my designs are captioned with puns. The Tree itself is symbolic of a learning tree because everything in my shop presents a fun and relatable learning experience with a tidbit of science or math.

True story.

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