Valentine Cards for the Nerd of your Life

Love is in the air as Valentines Day comes on 14th February, in just about a months time. Over the years I have designed numerous science + math themed love cards and here are my TOP 10 picks for all you nerdy lovers:

10.  You Had Me At ATG which means "hello" in genetics!


9. Never Gonna Let You Gyoza for your dumpling, foodie and pun lover!

8. You Mean So Much To Me for your above-average mathematical genius!


7. Bee mine for the apiarist, entomologist or simply the one you call honey!


6. We're a good fit is actuary* the most fitting thing to say to your statistician or data science lover!
*pun intended, not a typo


5. You're ideal is by law* the most romantic thing to say to your ideal chemist! 
*Ideal Gas Law


4. You Spin Me Right Round for the physicist, DJ and 80s music lover!


3. You're The Gin To My Tonic for the chemist, bartender, and gin lover!

2. You Give Me Alkynes of Feels is perfect for a proposal on Valentine's Day! 


1. Can't Resist You is just the electrical resistance needed to spark some romance!

There are TOO many good ones, it was difficult to narrow down to just ten. Which is your favourite card from this Top 10 list? Tell me in the comments below. 

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