Kitchen Lab: Bananas over Banana Milk

Banana milk is an especially popular drink in South Korea. I see it a lot in K-dramas and I became curious. I tried making it at home and came up with my own recipe. Do you want to make it too?

Read on to get the recipe.

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Kitchen Lab: The Universal Cake Recipe

I LOVE going to the bakery and immersing myself with lovely aromas that fill the air. I especially enjoy looking at the cakes because they are usually SO beautifully decorated and yummy to eat, of course.

If you like to bake, read the full article to see the universal cake recipe that I like to use and many ideas on how you can level up your cake baking game!

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Kitchen Lab: Green Chilli Pickle Recipe

I LOVE FOOD! Especially Asian food and with it, I always have to eat some sort of chilli, whether it's sriracha sauce, gochujang sauce, wasabi, Thai sweet chilli, belachan sambal, or green chilli pickle.

Recently, I made my very own batch of home-made green chilli pickle. Read on to learn how.

Green Chilli Pickle
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